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A place where stock items are stored is nothing but a go down. Any business will surely have a go down. Raw materials, finished goods will be stored on go downs. Few businesses who have big turn around will also have separate go downs for each. It is a commercial building used for storing finished products or raw materials. When compared with warehouses, it will take less space and usually not organized. It will have no proper safety measures followed. No one really takes care of a go down as it is used for short-term storage.

Go down should be given its due value

Take care of your go down, it will take care of your business. A go down is something which will usually be built underground, since it is easily accessible. Employees should feel easy to commute from go down to the selling place. Else, shipping them will become a problem. Easy access to other places from go down is very important. We at Mak Building, create durable and quality god owns. Usually god owns are not given any importance but we would say that it must be given the utmost importance of all other places. It is a place where our business grows and hence it must be taken care. Any go down built must be stronger, durable and should be weight resistant. From the godown, there should be 3-4 ways to exit. Any emergencies will put you on stake. Since it is preferred to be underground, we should use steel for weigh resistance.

Benefits of having a go down

There are numerous benefits when you have a go down inside office or within office. You can cut down the cost of shipping from one place to another. Any emergencies can be taken care of inside the office. Your products are in decent shape when you are having them instead of some one else taking care of it. Go down must always be weather resistant and should be reliable when compared to other places. Ensure that it has a good amount of ventilation because you tend to stay there for a longer time shifting the raw goods and finished products. As per the users’ preference, we can customized the raw materials used for constructing the godown.

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