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Multi Story Building Manufacturers
Multi Story Buildings
Multi Story Building Manufacturers

Multi Storey Building

Being a certified ISO 9001: 2015 company, we are serving customers for the past decade with an aim to deliver best-in-class infrastructural services.

Multi Story Buildings are in high demand because people like to reside in multi-story buildings. It is said that there’s a limit of four-storey constructions. Multi-story building is something which is a 3-dimensional building that has multiple storeys as the name infers. It will contain vertical circulation with the help of stairs and lift. Based on the preliminary analysis, the buildings will be in a certain height. It is generally designed for commercial purposes and residential purposes.

Classification of multi storey buildings

Multi-story buildings are a blessing for commercial building constructors. The speed of the construction is faster than the normal conventional ones. These are built with high-level prefabrication of metals, accuracy and flexibility in designs, quality checks and a riskless construction eventually. Depending on the height and other factors, the multi-storey buildings are classified.

  • Low rise buildings are the ones which has fewer storeys which is usually less than four with elevators and lifts.
  • Midrise buildings are the ones which has 4-12 storeys.
  • High rise buildings are the ones which has numerous storeys ranging from 10-40 and sometimes even more than that. Commuting vertically is done through stairs and lift.
  • Skyscraper buildings are the ones that are tall and having more than 40 storeys but the height should be less than 300m.
  • Super tall buildings as the name conveys are super tall with its height exceeding 300m.
  • Mega tall buildings are the ones which has a height that exceeds 600m.

Countless benefits on multi storey buildings

When the building is constructed, the labor costs and equipment costs are less than any other conventional building construction. It is light in weight as we use slabs and steel. The buildings will make it impressive and lesser in weight. We have the freedom to design and can be made more creative to cater the requirements of the customer. The construction is well-organized as it delivers technical prowess and steel components in these are ensuring accuracy in construction, thereby making the buildings even more stronger. The buildings are assigned in a way that it has access to fire safety. Any building should have natural light and ventilation to have fresh air inside the residence. In these types of building, we have scope to implement that as well. Mak Building System Pvt. Ltd. Is a recognized infrastructure company that is known for its multi storey buildings model.

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