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Mezzanine Building Manufacturers in India
Mezzanine Buildings
Mezzanine Building Manufacturers in India

Mezzanine Buildings

What are mezzanine buildings?

Mezzanine buildings are the ones with an intermediary floor in-between the main floors of a building so that there won't be any confusion among the other floors of a building. Mezzanine Buildings usually have low-level ceilings and balcony included in their projects. Mezzanine is a term that is also used to describe the shortest theatre balcony or the starting rows of the theatre. Mezzanine buildings are inspired by the Italian term "mezzanine" which means middle.

Mezzanine buildings have floor systems that are temporary ones and can be installed within the building that is constructed between two native floors. Such kind of structures can be easily relocated or collapsed in many cases. There are three main materials used for the construction of Mezzanine buildings and they are fiberglass, steel, and aluminum. These three materials are the best suited in building perfect mezzanine buildings. There will be a variation in the applications for both flooring and decking. They have control over wood products, B-Deck underlayment, aluminum, fiberglass gratings, and heavy-duty steels.

Uses of Mezzanine

In Mezzanine buildings, the mezzanine can be used for many purposes. Some of those purposes are as follows:

1) Shops: Shops use mezzanine for different purposes like storage of raw materials, other equipment, and tools.

2) Offices: For offices and other commercial areas, mezzanine serves an ideal purpose because of its high roof. Offices have the option to place this roof either above or below.

3) Industries: When it comes to using mezzanine in the industries, it can be utilized for operations such as distribution, warehousing and, manufacturing. All these operations require a ceiling that is high. Usually, industries need unused areas to be converted to vertical cubes. So for such industries,, the mezzanine is very much useful. The structure of some of the industries will be either shelf supported or rack supported. A mezzanine building allows high density based storage within that building and makes it more comfortable for industrial purposes.

4) Retail: Retail industry requires a large selling space and a huge backdrop for internal and external storage for the stores. So mezzanines can be used for making it creates space for sorting, production, and packaging.

So the best available option for industries, offices, retails, shops, etc. is to go for the installation of mezzanine systems. Mezzanine buildings can undoubtedly increase value-adding spaces and make them useful for different purposes.

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