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Puf Panel
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Puf Panel

Puf Panel Buildings consist of the panels which are appropriate for a wide range of applications. Puf Panel Buildings usually comprise a rigid core, mettalic structured boards. These are sandwich panels that merge studs, vapors, insulations, barriers, joists, etc. together. Puf panels are very efficient and easy for installation. They are very much affordable and serve a big-time purpose for roofs, exterior walls, foundations, meat and poultry industries, commercial spaces, industrial buildings, warehouses, fruit, and vegetable storages, telecom shelters, clear rooms, chambers, seafood storages, floriculture industries, dairy and, milk storages, etc.

Features of Puf Panel Buildings

  • Limitless dimensional requirements can be satisfied.
  • Acoustic insulation and thermal insulation will be improved.
  • Economical benefits will be there due to energy savings.
  • High bearing of load capacity.
  • Durability will last for a lifetime.
  • Water and vapor resistance is top-ranking.
  • The design options are very flexible.
  • Requirements are of low maintenance.
  • Overall installation is very simple and easy.
  • The Puf panels are ready to use and very pleasing.
  • There won't be any need for masonry due to the structure of the panel.
  • Weatherproof guarantee lasts for a lifetime.
  • Fire emergencies can be controlled due to the existence of a self extinguisher which reduces the flames automatically and eliminates the damage that can be caused.
  • The panels used here are 100% eco-friendly and do not harm the environment at any cost. Eg: Polyutherane foam panels.
  • Puf panel buildings are resistant to bacteria, fungus, etc.
  • These panels are also unaffected by any sorts of physical impacts like corrosion, termites, etc.

Applications of Puf panel buildings

1) Puf buildings are Exquisites of a building: Puf panels make use of materials which add design flexibility to buildings and also to remodeling projects. Puf panels come in numerous colors, designs, profiles for roofs and walls, different types and styles of doors like the garage doors, main doors, etc. Such styles and colors help in adding a punch of aesthetic to the Puf panel buildings and make them look elegant. Puf panels are so flexible so to make a Puf panel building more appealing, structures and color options can be changed frequently.

2) Polyurethane: ForPuf panel buildings, polyurethane is used. This polyurethane has a rigid foam with different capabilities. This is the material which makes Puf panels sustainable and appropriate of buildings in various industries and for remodeling of homes. The main advantages of using Polyurethane inPuf panel buildings are:

  • Saves electricity
  • Maintains uniform temperature
  • High-quality insulation
  • Lower utilization rates
  • Lessens the drafts of the buildings
  • The sealant is weatherproof
  • Provides a layer of excellent insulation
  • High performance.

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